Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Arrangements|Autumn Roses

Thanksgiving arrangements featuring roses in autumn colors would make the perfect accent for your holiday table or to send to someone who's far away. Thanksgiving is the last holiday of fall and I always like to decorate with flowers whenever I can.

People in some areas are lucky enough to still be able to pick roses from their own gardens and of course that would be the best choice. But for most of us the weather is turning colder so we'll need to either pick up roses at the local florist or order them.

This Thanksgiving arrangement provides a riot of fall colors. This bouquet of a dozen roses with hypericum berries and greenery in bright seasonal colors is great for someone who loves to be surrounded with bright colors

With roses the colors of the changing autumn leaves the Orange Rose Mosaic bouquet will provide a memorable accent for the Thanksgiving table.Arranged in a square orange vase,these roses in shades of orange can be ordered and delivered the same day by a florist in the recipient's area.

The Giving Thanks Bouquet
icon with short and medium stemmed roses in autumn colors from peach to burnished orange is sure to convey a message of thankfulness and abundance. This orange rose bouquet comes in a designer orange glass vase.Delivered by a local florist. This rose bouquet is similar to the FTD Fall Giving Thanks bouquet.

Bountiful Rose Bouquet
The bountiful rose bouquet features roses in shades of peachy orange and ivory. Arranged in a ceramic pumpkin container that can be reused as a cookie jar,candy dish or for more flowers.

These Autumn Passages
icon flowers will bring a burst of color to your Thanksgiving table. This arrangement is actually two bouquets in one. Cranberry, fuchsia and brilliant orange roses are simply accented with red hypericum berries in one bouquet, and cranberry and orange roses with fuchsia spray roses, orange miniature calla lilies, dark orange Asiatic lilies and red hypericum berries in the other.

Both bouquets arrive arranged in a clear glass gold-banded vase to help make your autumn celebration special. The stems can be grouped together for one stunning table or sideboard arrangement or divided into several smaller bouquets to display throughout your home.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Celebrate November With Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum flowers,affectionately known as mums, are  the birth flower for the month of November. Mums are on display almost everywhere during the autumn months and can be seen in gardens,as blooming potted plants and in cut flower arrangements.And of course in the United States almost everyone wants to have Chrysanthemums on hand for their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Mums are so common that we often take them for granted but the truth is that this flower has been grown and valued by humans since centuries before the birth of Christ. Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as early as 1500 B.C. and were first used as a food and medicinal herb.

Chrysanthemum flowers and sprouts were (and still are) eaten raw in salads and the roots were boiled and drunk as a beverage. The Chinese were so enamored with the plant that they named a city Chu-Hsien (Chrysanthemum City) in its honor.

All mum flowers were originally the familiar single yellow daisy and it wasn't until the Japanese started growing them around the 8th century A.D. that more ornamental flowers were developed. The chrysanthemum remains Japan's most popular flower and is used in family crests and in the seal of the Emperor. The Imperial Order of the Chrysanthemum is Japan's highest Order of Chivalry. Japan also celebrates the annual National Chrysanthemum Day,also known as the Festival of Happiness.
In North America Chrysanthemum flowers are also regarded as flowers of happiness and are grown in gardens, cut for bouquets and worn as corsages for autumn sporting events. Mums are the most popular container plant in the U.S. and more of them are grown commercially than any other flowering plant.

In many European countries particularly Germany,Belgium,and Austria,mums are seen as the flower of death and are only used in funerals or as memorial flowers in cemeteries.People in these countries probably wouldn't enjoy receiving a bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers so be aware of this when sending flowers internationally.

Chrysanthemum flowers were originally all yellow but today they can be found in many colors including orange,red,white,pink,and shades of purple. Many forms of the flower are available from single daisies to elegant spider mums to the giant football mums favored for corsages. Yellow,orange and burnished red mums are some of the most popular colors and would be perfect to give to someone whose birthday is in November.
Fresh cut chrysanthemum flower arrangementsare a great value because they tend to last much longer than most other cut flowers. When arranging mums for a bouquet remember to remove any leaves that would fall below the waterline of the container. Be aware that the lacy leaves probably won't last as long as the flowers themselves and will need to be removed when they start turning yellow and become droopy. Cutting the stems of chrysanthemum flowers and changing the water every two-three days can help your bouquet last for up to twelve days.

This arrangement of chrysanthemum flowers in beautiful autumn colors delivered in a reusable ceramic pumpkin container would make the perfect November birthday gift. Same day delivery is available and balloons and treats can be added to your order at checkout