Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Spring Bulb Basket Makes A Perfect Easter Gift

If you're looking for the perfect Easter gift for someone who loves spring flowers a spring bulb basket is a great choice. These bulb gardens each come with a basket that can be reused over and over. A basket of bulbs will last much longer than a bouquet of cut flowers. These bulb gardens should last for several weeks as they are sent when the bulbs are just putting out green shoots. When the recipient receives your gift all they will have to do is water the pot and put it in a sunny window. Care instructions are included in each order.

Pastel Tulip Garden
This basket of mixed pastel tulips will delight the spring blooming bulb lover.

Blooming Bulb Garden In A Basket
This mixture of tulips and fragrant hyacinths comes in a wooden basket with a handle.

Mixed Daffodil Garden
This basket of daffodils includes several different varieties in mixed colors.

Easter Lily In Pastel Basket
The classic white Easter lily in a cute pastel basket.

A spring bulb basket will definitely be appreciated by anyone who loves spring flowering bulbs. Most of these Easter gifts can be delivered the same day if you order early.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Chocolate Gift Ideas

Easter is one of the biggest holidays for chocolate consumption. If you're looking for some great Easter chocolate gift ideas I have found a nice selection of chocolate rabbits. Any one of these chocolate bunnies is sure to please the chocolate lover on your gift list. Just click on the picture for ordering info.

Chocolate Bunnies

Easter just wouldn't be the same without chocolate bunnies. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy these delicious chocolate treats.

Easter Gifts at

Remember time is running out to order flowers and gifts in time for Easter delivery so make sure you place your order today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Flower Arrangements

Choosing Easter flowers for your for your parties and gatherings can be a daunting task because of the many varieties that are available. Of course flowers from your own garden would be the best alternative but if the weather is still freezing cold in your area that may not be an option.

Here are some spring flowers that you may want to consider for your Easter flower arrangements:


Tulips are classic spring flowers that are available in many colors. Whether you prefer bright colors,pastels,or wild patterns you're sure to find tulips that you will be proud to display at your Easter table. Tulip bouquets make lovely centerpieces. Smaller types can be displayed individually in bud vases and placed in several different areas of the home.


Daffodils are the ultimate spring flower. Yellow trumpet daffodils symbolize happiness and hope. Bringing daffodils into your home at Easter will set a festive atmosphere. It doesn't really matter what kind of container you put them in. Daffodils will command attention in any vase and also look great displayed in glass pitchers.


Dutch iris flowers are vividly colored and an arrangement placed anywhere around your home is sure to please your Easter guests. Deep purple and true blue are two of the most valued colors in Dutch iris flowers. They look stunning in a mixed bouquet with pink or yellow tulips or Daffodils of any color.

White Lilies

White Easter lilies are are a long standing tradition. White lilies symbolize purity and in the Christian tradition they symbolize the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter lily is also known as the Madonna lily and it is native to Asia. It normally blooms in summer but florists give the bulbs special growing conditions to assure that they bloom at Easter. Like most spring flowers they are shipped while in bud to make them last longer. Potted Easter lily bulbs are very popular because they can be planted in the garden after blooming.



Whichever flowers you choose for your Easter bouquets make sure to enjoy them because their season is short.